My to architecture begins at 6, now I have plenty to time acquire this beauty form through photography.

I believe that good architectural photography is not just about documenting spaces but capturing the form and story intent behind the space. As a designer, I cognitively know the way in which media and spaces are best presented, and which part of the image that will visually speak for marketing purpose.

I love everything about architecture, the grand designs, the brutalist structures, and everything in-between. The infinitely creative ways in which architects utilise space, and maximise the efficiency of their designs, inside and outside. The ways in which they conceal or reveal, the small touches, the elegance, the ugliness, and how architectural forms contrast or compliment their environment. Harmony, discord, light and shadow.

My minimalist approach, focusing on patterns, details, and overall form, that showcases architectural and interior designs in their best light.

I understand the impact of photographing in both the day and at night means that images of a building can be used to express different messages to specific audiences. I plan for the impact of weather conditions and seasonal effects further enhance the finished photography.

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