A Tale to Tell

People call me Jack-of-the-trade; give me your organization’s Marketing Communications problems, and you will be happy to get fresh, creative, and feasible answers from me.


Now, I work as a Freelancer, after ventured my experiences at Decovisual Group as Managing Director/Executive Creative Director for 7 years.


Since my University years in Institut Teknologi Bandung 21 years ago, I realize that I have an adamant desire to solve problems, embarrassing hang-ups on sketches and papers, a tenacious drive to create functional products, an instinct for good visuals, a resilient obsession to make a difference, and Sufistic tendencies to make simpler things.


And those things bring me to right now. I’m an experienced Branding Strategist, Designer, Photographer, and Copywriter working on an array of projects from branding to web design, from startup companies to multinational companies, from the hospitality industry to manufacturing.


OK, now let’s do cool stuff together!

A Story to Note

I am a strategic creative thinker as well as a technical savvy executive who is familiar to collaborate in a multi-national environment. Excels at concept development, creative direction, and its implementations alongside with great focus on business visions. Adept at managing all phases of marketing and brand strategy, project and product life cycle, from research and development, market sensing, and idea development through implementations. Skilled at utilising the analyzing tools and design software to optimize brand awareness, boost market presence and gain customer loyalty.


In my previous employment,  I have built a proven record of developing local and international brands and startups and brought business solutions at the intersection of marketing, branding, design, communications, and human capital as well as a team builder and mentor focused on sustainable solutions for clients.


During my first years of employment, I was successfully collecting wide-ranging accolades in product development, research and development, creative direction, and marketing collaterals, in addition to my latter professional experience in media, commercial photography, and public relations.

Years by Years

1976 – Was a baby born

1978 – First lived in the middle of tropical jungle in Sumatera with parents

1978 – First drawing (a battle tank!)

1982 – First studying cartography

1983 – First drawing of anatomy and structure

1986 – First created a cartographic relief

1990 – First using eyeglasses, with prescription -3D both eyes

1991 – First created anatomically-correct sculpture

1994 – First interested in automotive design

1995 – Then choose to study Industrial Design in the college

2001 – Graduated from Institut Teknologi Bandung, Industrial Design major.

2001 – First professional work, as a Researcher

2001 – Worked as a Product Designer

2004 – Worked in Marketing & Communications functions

2004 – Won Gold Award in Indonesia Good Design Selection

2005 – Won Japanese Good Design Award, ASEAN Design Selection

2008 – Founded Decovisual Group

2009 – Performed Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca

2013 – Become a dad of fraternal twins (Yes! a boy & a girl!)

2016 – My first freelance commissioned photography

2016 – My first freelance international project

2017 – Done 2000+ frames for corporate picture projects

2018 – Done 4000++ frames for industrial photography and several brand identity development projects

2019 – Participated in creating event identity for 2 new nationwide events


Creative Direction0

Brand Identity0

Brand Management0

Brand Strategy0

Marketing Strategy0

Graphic Design0

Digital Imaging0

Architectural/Interior Photography0

Corporate Photography0


Product Styling0



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